Voodoos Silveri making an impression

Without improvements and progression, one team simply will not win. This was the Powassan Voodoos first year in the NOJHL and they needed improvements quick. Michael Silveri, a Sudbury Wolves prospect who finished fourth on the Voodoos points (14 goals 26 assists for 40 pts in 45 games) leader and has contributed to Powassan’s success.

Michael grew up in North Bay and remembers watching a bit of the North Bay Centennials as well.

It has been a dream come true for him, having been called up to play for the Sudbury Wolves eight times during the regular season.

“One thing I noticed right away was the speed difference up in the OHL,” said the 2013 6th round draft pick of the Sudbury Wolves.

“Guys are a lot bigger, stronger and faster up there. So I just have to be able to play at that pace to up there consistently.”

Michael plays a 200 foot type game and has developed into a prototypical power forward. Although Silveri has a quiet demeanour off the ice, you can be sure to find him frustrating his opponents on the ice. He’s also got a nice wrist shot to add to his repertoire.

The Voodoos are currently riding their hottest streak in the season and are looking to advance to the third round of the playoffs .

Despite the current highs, Silveri stayed humble when asked about his progression through the campaign.

“I think in the middle of the season I was struggling a bit,” said Silveri.

“But I spoke to coach and he told me to use my size and it’s been helping a lot,” the 6’3″ Voodoos winger said before game 3 of the Voodoos and Gold Miners series. 

“He’s becoming a player that we want him to be and the player that we always knew he could be,” said Voodoos Head Coach Scott Wray.

“He’s playing at the top of his game right now I believe. He’s hitting every shift, he’s getting pucks in deep, he’s getting the puck in the net and agitating the others teams. Michael comes to work every night with his lunch box and boots on and goes to work. He’s not flashy, but sometimes that’s what the game needs. He’s not an east west type of hockey player but more of a north to south type guy and that’s what you want. When he’s skating and hitting and getting pucks to the net, he’s at the top of his game.”

Although Silveri only has 1 goal and 3 assists in the playoffs, Silveri will get his chance to add to his post season points total.

The Voodoos are on the brink of a big upset and are looking to advance to the third round of NOJHL playoffs. There’s no doubt that he’ll be working hard to help the Voodoos to advance further and also working hard in the off season to take the next step.

“He just has to work on his foot speed,” said Wray, a former OHL player himself.  

“But he’s getting the development here. He’s getting the ice time and also playing in situations where he gets to go out there and execute. I believe he’s going to be a more mature going into Sudbury next year. He’s going to be a little bigger, stronger and that just comes with maturity.”

The sky’s the limit for Michael Silveri and only time will tell where this young forward will end up. But for now, the potential is definitely there and you can find him and his lunch box playing for the Powassan Voodoos.