Billet Families

    Each season the Powassan Voodoos will recruit talented hockey players who show great potential to play at the Junior level. In order to take advantage of this great opportunity, the players need families willing to share their homes and become a “Home Away from Home” for them. The importance of a billet family to the Voodoos organization is immeasurable.

   We look forward to buliding our group of billet families so that we can develop our hockey program by adding key players to assit our local talent with players from all over Canada and the United States. These boys range in age from 16 to 20, will be attending high school, college or university and may hold part time jobs while they live in our city and represent our team while pursuing their hockey dreams.

  In most cases, very strong bonds are made between the player and his billet family as well as the player’s family. These relationships will often carry on for years after the player has graduated from the team. Often billet families can be seen following “their” player in his future career in college, semi-pro or pro. we look forward to our players proving themselves on the ice and in home. They can be great role models for younger children in the billet home demonstrating hard work and determination to achieve tough goals.

What is expected from the players

House Rules


  1. Billet house rules, over and above team rules, are to be discussed with billet parents.  Billet rules are to be followed above team rules.
  2. Make your bed every morning
  3. Keep your room tidy and put your dirty clothes in laundry basket provided in your room.
  4. Keep your showers SHORT.  Respect others in the home who have to shower
  5. Put all pop cans, water bottles etc. in the recycle bins.
  6. Help clear the table after meals.
  7. Keep only one pair of shoes and one jacket at the door.  Keep the rest in your room.
  8. Team curfews must be respected.  We will not lie for you.  We will turn you in.
  9. No female companions in the billet house without clear permission.
  10. No alcohol to be consumed in the billet house without permission.
  11. No smoking/tobacco chewing or drugs allowed in the billet house!
  12. No use of house phone after 10pm.
  13. Don’t forget you billets when you sign the big one in the NHL.


Billet House Courtesies


  1. When you are going to be late coming in from road trips, practices etc., make every effort to be as quiet as possible.
  2. When you are going to miss dinner, or be late for dinner, please call billets, so we can make alternate arrangements.
  3. Make sure when your using laundry, washroom, or kitchen facilities, you clean up after yourselves.
  4. Be aware of the billet family, and their rules, dinner times, rest times, schedules, etc.